The Benefits Of Negative Ions

Negative ions are chemicals found naturally in the environment that have been shown to positively impact our mood and health. 

They are abundant in environments such as the beach, waterfalls, bodies of water, in mountains and forests, and much more! The earth is full of these biochemical molecules!

Why We Include Negative Ions

At Kings Loot we are here to help you stay grounded when life gets a little rocky, in every way possible!

We infused our new Sports Bands with 5,000 negative ions. We are determined to improve quality of life by providing an everyday accessory that helps to incorporate a natural necessity!

Listed below are the benefits of negative ions and why we believe this will help to live life more abundantly!

Increase serotonin and decrease stress

Levels of serotonin, also known as the 'happy hormone' are increased in your body, when surrounded by negative ions. There have been studies showing that negative ions promote positive feelings and increase oxygen to the brain. Through these ions providing an increase of serotonin, this has also been correlated to help alleviate depression and stress, acting as a natural antidepressant.

Increase Natural Energy

Negative Ions are a natural way to increase your energy. Since there is an increase of oxygen flow throughout the body, this also leads to decreased drowsiness and more mental alertness when you're feeling tired!

Enhance Immune Function

Negative ions reduce the positive ions (pollution and fumes) in the air. They are needed to restore our body to a normal state. 

Negative ions are shown to improve the health and strength of our immunity cells, making them more energetic. The increased energy enables greater production rates for antibodies in our system, working together to balance our nervous system, and improve health.  

With a strong immune system, we can fight off illness and have a better recovery process.

Stay Grounded

Negative ions are important because they help us stay grounded. They're essential in ridding toxins caused by positive ionization, which is why we like to think of it as altogether keeping you grounded!

Beneficial for mental and physical needs, these chemicals are a natural, yet practical way to include some clarity in your day-to-day. 

It is important that we provide a product that is fashionable without compromising functionality, to aid in everyday living!

Stay Balanced

Negative ions help you to stay balanced as well! This is why we use the #balancechallenge to test the effects that these biochemicals have!

The immediate response that negative ions have on your body is astounding! Balance is an important part of life, and you can improve your balance just by wearing our Sports Bands!

You, too, can use the #balancechallenge on friends and show them the awesome effects of negative ions!