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Her Hybrid Wallet

Kings Loot Her Hybrid is a minimalist, RFID-blocking wallet. The Hybrid wallet holds 8-10 cards

$69 $97
Buckskin Mini 2.0 Wallet
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Mini 2.0 Wallet

The Mini 2.0 is our most minimal and the smallest, yet most functional, leather wallet to date. The main section features a pull tab for quick and easy easy access of cards, while the secure elastic band can be used for a few folded up bills.

$70 $90
Mint Her Journey Wallet
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Her Journey Wallet

Kings Loot Her Journey wallet is a minimalist, RFID-blocking wallet. The Journey wallet holds 6-8 cards

$64 $87
Buckskin Kings Back Wallet + Magsafe Case Magnet Sticker
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Kings Back Wallet + Magsafe Case Magnet Sticker

Kings Loot Kings Back is a minimalist, RFID-blocking Mag Safe wallet. The Kings Back wallet holds 3-6 cards

$54 $74
Buckskin Mini 3.0 Wallet
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Mini 3.0 Wallet

The Mini 3.0 is everything our 2.0 lives up to be PLUS fully supporting Apple AirTag and Tile Sticker, turning this into the smallest yet most functional smart wallet to date.

$79 $99
Midnight Black Mini Wristlet
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Mini Wristlet

The perfect and most functional wallet for women! Our Mini Wristlet has been named, 'A wallet fit for a Queen,' due to having the all-around capability to hold your cards, goods, bills and coins, in whatever combination works best for you.

$74 $97

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