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Where do I go to start a return or exchange?


If you purchased your product from Amazon it must be returned through Amazon.

What is your returns & exchange policy?

- You can return or exchange an item up to 30 days after fulfilled (meaning when it's shipped)

- All products must be in an unused condition and back in the original packaging (no cards or cash inserted into the wallet)

- ALL items, including free bonus items, need to be returned for a full refund

What items cannot be returned or exchanged?

- A replacement product

- Custom orders with engraving

- A product that was reshipped using Prime Insured Shipping

- Free gifts from a bundle 

- Products bought from a third party (Amazon, eBay, etc)

- Any order or item below $50 (not including shipping fees)

To see the full list of ineligible items before requesting a return or exchange, please review our policy HERE

Will I get a full refund?

The return shipping isn't covered and refunds will be sent to the original purchaser's method of payment.  The shipping costs on the original order are not eligible for refunds.

All returns must be in an UNUSED condition. If it is used, it will be returned back to the customer, and a refund will not be processed. Our leather is authentic and prone to usage marks. If you intend to return the product, refrain from putting cards and money inside the product.

What if I don't send back the promotional items or packaging from my order?

No worries! We understand that items can get lost or you may decide to keep them. If that’s the case, then a partial refund will be given. Normally, the Kings Clip and Sleeve together retail for $44, but we will only deduct $27 from your return.

All packaging must be returned. $10 will be deducted from your refund if original packaging is not included.

How long does it take to issue the refund for my order?

As soon as our Shipping Team receives the wallet, it can take 2-3 business weeks to process the return.  You will receive an email confirmation once your refund is issued. A member of our staff will then issue your refund and notify you via email. A credit will automatically be applied through the original method of payment within 10 business days.