Our Staff Picks

Not sure what to buy? Here are our staff’s favorite products that they recommend! You can trust that these products are a safe bet either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Mini 3.0

The Mini 3.0 is our smallest yet trackable wallet. 

"I love the Mini 3.0 because it holds all 16 of my cards and is trackable! I remember when I was on the way to the airport and realized I didn't have my wallet and was able to find it because of the tracking capabilities!" 

- Joshua, CEO

Hybrid Wallet

Our Best-selling Wallet

"I love my buckskin hybrid wallet because it meets all of my everyday usage needs. My favorite features are the pull tab for my most used card and the money clip as well because, even though I don't carry money all the time, it's always secure and convenient for when I have cash." 

– Angel, Customer Success

Kings Back 2.0

MagSafe Wallet

“I love the Kings Back because of the small compact way it attaches to my phone. I'm still able to carry all the cards I need for quick trips. I am constantly on the go and the two things I carry most - my phone and wallet - are now packed into one!" 

- Lenna, Marketing

Hybrid C Wallet

Our best selling wallet in camo

"The Hybrid Camo is my favorite product because the new design is so unique while maintaining great quality. On top of already being such an exceptional and versatile wallet it makes it the perfect fit for me." 

– bryan, kingship fulfillment 

Classic Crossbody

luxury crossbody bag

"I love my crossbody because of the functionality and beauty of the product. It's the perfect size to fit all my important necessities and the leather feels great!"

- Nikki, Kingship Fulfillment

Kings Loot Wallet

Best-Selling Hybrid Wallet

"The Black Hybrid Wallet Is My Favorite Kings Loot Product! I Love The Quality Of The Leather And The Functionality Of The Thumb Slides And Pull Tab To Access My Cards On The Fly!"  

-Travis, Kingship Fulfillment 

Which one are you interested in trying?