What Does It Mean To Prosper Like A King?

What Does it mean to prosper like a king?

Kings Loot was inspired by the idea of prosperity. I want everyone this company touches to prosper like a king… to live like royalty.

But what that vision truly casts may surprise you. 

When I speak of prospering like a king and living like royalty, most people immediately think about grandeur. Golden goblets and jeweled crowns and chests of treasure. The images that come to mind tend to be of wealth, of accumulated possessions. 

And while that’s one vision of prosperity, I have a different one. 

To me, prospering like a king has less to do with possession and more to do with the people in the kingdom. 

Let me take it back to one of the most instructive historical leaders, King Solomon. The bible tells us that King Solomon was among the wealthiest kings who ever lived.

He was renowned for his wealth and prosperity, as well as his wisdom and generosity. 

In fact, he was so famous that he was visited by the Queen of Sheba.

She brought with her a great caravan of gifts that blew everyone’s gifts to Solomon out of the water, before and after her visit.

But it’s also said that she left with more than she brought, due to Solomon’s great wealth and great generosity.

King Solomon Was Prosperous, But What I Want To Point Out Today Is That His People Were Also Prosperous. 

Stories Say That His People Were So Prosperous That Silver Basically Lost Its Value. Gold And Other Precious Metals Were So Abundant That Silver (Highly Valuable In Most Parts Of The World At The Time) Was Piled Up Like Rocks And Used To Decorate Clothing… Even The Clothing Of Servants. 

Let me bring it back to today. What we know today is that money follows value. If you can provide value, you will begin to be compensated for it. Provide enough value, and you’ll generate true wealth for yourself. 

King Solomon piled on the gold, sure, but he also brought so much value to his kingdom that even the servants in his kingdom were prosperous. He did so with his exceeding wisdom and generosity. 

Any leader can learn this lesson from King Solomon: prosperity isn’t defined by your possession but by the value you bring to others. 

Think about the common adage that “your income reflects the income of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” It’s the same idea. Wealth is a mindset--a commitment to bringing something valuable to the world.

One of the “Joshua-isms” here at Kings Loot is “the kingdom inside us transforms the kingdom around us.” My goal at Kings Loot is to create a culture (a kingdom, if you will) that lets everyone this company touches begin to prosper. 

And that includes you.

Remember to take care of your kingdom as you go about your life. Contribute your gifts to those around you, and be generous. In that stance, you will truly prosper.