At Kings Loot we believe the only thing standing between where you are and where you want to be is the way you see yourself. When you see yourself like a King, you prosper like a King. 

"Live Life Abundantly" is a motto we stand by because we want our customers to feel like Kings and Queens.

The Beginning

It all started back in 2019 when Joshua and his wife, Jessica, sold everything to start this company.

They sold their home and put all their life savings into the business. Joshua got an idea for a wallet and made the first prototype out of paper. Then he went to Hobby Lobby and bought a sewing machine and leather. It was a family event to handcraft the first ever Kings Loot wallet.

The Journey

What makes this journey so special is the ability to take an idea, and see it all the way through.

The idea started in March 2019, and by September 2019, Joshua was able to launch a whole line of products: the Hybrid, Bifold, and Journey wallet.

The World of Online

Farmers markets and trade shows, our main source of selling, had been shut down due to COVID. Joshua had to quickly revamp how Kings Loot, a brand new business, was going to survive.

March 2020 was when Kings Loot transitioned to the world of online.

The Fulfillment Center

The company saw growth that was extraordinary!
Thousands of orders were fulfilled right out of Joshua's garage!

As products were expanding, from different accessories to a women's collection, it was time for Kings Loot to have its own fulfillment center to get orders out faster and more efficiently.

The Legacy

Kings Loot started right here in Colorado. Our employees and fulfillment center are right out of Colorado Springs.

For those of you who ask the question: is Kings Loot legit, we absolutely are. The entire company started with an idea and a cheesy paper wallet!