One day I got an idea. It started off on a piece of paper. Then we cut it out and glued it together. It was a wallet....

Later, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a sewing machine and some leather. I came home excited to bring this idea to life.

I was on the kitchen table with my wife and my daughters. They were cutting out leather, while I was watching you tube video tutorials on how to sew.

I remember my wife laughing at me as I was pausing and replaying those tutorial videos trying to learn how to use that foreign machine. 

Together we finally went from a paper wallet to a leather wallet.

I quickly learned we couldn't make the wallets quick enough, we needed a manufacturer, someone who could produce the best quality using the best materials.

My wife and I sold our home and invested our life savings into this new adventure, and we didn't know how it was going to work.

We wanted to create "The Wallet" for men and women that had both the best quality and stylish design.

Our goal was to give people the most value, so we developed the Replacement For Life program.

After 6 months of designing and 3 months in manufacturing Kings Loot finally hit the market, we haven't looked back since.

At the end of the day it always comes back to one thing. How can we help the most people and bring them the most value. 

- Joshua 


Kings Loot Focus Statement 

We help modern men and women to reflect & reveal royalty with their money, mind, and mission. 

We do this through minimally designed products that are equally functional as they are fashionable. Our intent is to remind ourselves each day we are all kings and queens and have a measure of faith, function, fashion, and finance. Our treasure is where our heart is and what better place to keep your money, mind, and mission than with the Kings Loot. We just happen to sell wallets, wanna buy one?